Join the EHS & Sustainability Revolution

CiDER is a best-in-class Business Intelligence Tool for all Non-Financial Data. Our interactive insight platform empowers businesses to make optimal decisions in real-time and most importantly, have insights into their enterprise like never before.

Sustainable Supply Chain

CiDER helps your organisation’s Corporate and Social Responsibility, Sustainability and Risk functions in ways previously not possible. We focus solely on the non-financial data within Supply Chains.

Leveraging the latest technology and innovation on offer, we’ve developed a dynamic, adaptive, closed-loop platform that lets organisations monitor their resources, manage their suppliers and meet customer, client and regulators demands.

Non-Financial Data BI

CiDER provides explainable and actionable insights that demonstrate the rationale behind your entire Supply Chain

Graph Technology

The platform employs Graph Technology which captures the link between human thinking and natural language, as well as the inexact nature of the real world.

For the Supply Chain

We understand Supply Chains and their absolute complexities, we created CiDER to address specific use cases that align with the strategic KPIs of the business. 

Time to Value

Cloud-based, and API driven for low operational costs and rapid on-boarding.