Be part of the movement that is revolutionizing EHS and Sustainability

CiDER is the only EHS and Sustainability tool on the market that not only delivers Business Intelligence Reporting and Compliance capabilities but also creates Actionable Insights for a Smarter Enterprise.

CiDER Effortless Decisions for Seamless Sustainability

Revolutionizing EHS and Sustainability management

By exploiting the impact of CiDER, organisations are able to obtain critical insight to base decisions on. CiDER is breaking new ground with its highly intuitive, self- service platform, complete with elegant web services, data visualisations and analytics tools.

Harnessing the power of connected data is essential to a sustainable competitive advantage in today's ever more connected world.

CiDER delivers knowledge by leveraging relationships in your data, turning the available data into a real powerhouse by accessing and revealing insights within. 

Beyond Intelligence

CiDER goes beyond typical Business Intelligence reporting. With CiDER, your gain access to a platform that will change the way you view and analyse your data. With CiDER, you will gain an intimate understanding of your organisations data connections, and relationships as well as gaining actionable insight into dependencies, uncovering cascading impacts and predicting behaviour. This will inevitable uncover new opportunities for improvements.

CiDER Screenshot Dashboard

First of its Kind

With CiDER, you gain access to the first tool of its kind in EHS and Sustainability based on graph technology. Not only is the search quicker and more seamless, but it allows you to interact and converse with your data in new ways; you can now discover how all of your data is connected in real-time. Find relevant and meaningful information in minutes with CiDER's graph technology. 

CiDER Screenshot Relations

Why Graph Technology?

CiDER uses graph technology which delivers data management and visualisation in ways you have never seen before.

Naturally store, manage, analyze and use your data within the context of connections and relationships. Understanding data relationships is the key to understanding dependencies, uncovering cascading impacts, and predicting behaviour.

CiDER adds another layer of usability to your existing data and data systems. It visualises your data in ways you've never seen before so that you can discover more. CiDER scales as big or small as you need it to be. And you can change it easily as your business changes. Just the way it should be.

By naturally representing your organisation, people, activities, products and services, you can ask very human questions of your data. CiDER allows you to explore your data with curiosity, inquisitiveness and by asking why. The more you ask, the more intelligence you will uncover.


CiDER is based on an API foundation which inherently makes data integration with other systems native to CiDER. For example, CiDER can integrate with ERP, CRM, BMS and a variety of others in a seamless and effective way. 

Data management

Data Management


  • Master Data Management

  • Identity and Access Management

  • Data Capture

  • Workflow Management

Reporting and Compliance

Reporting and Compliance

  • Regulatory and Reporting Frameworks
  • Content Libraries



  • Analytics

  • Visualisations

  • Conversational Search



  • Naturally represent your organisation
  • Visualise data relationships; not just your data
  • Build workflows for real people
  • Increase the value of your data


  • Build interactive relationship maps
  • Includes content libraries for regulatory frameworks, risk factors, KPIs, emission factors etc.
  • Includes human-centric workflows and allows you to build your own
  • Uses interview-style queries rather than filters  
  • Grows as your data grows
  • Designed for real people
graph database technology


  • Utilises cutting-edge graph database technology
  • Easily handles millions of data nodes with no performance impact
  • 1000 times faster than existing relational databases tools*
  • Built on an API-core making custom apps easy and quick to build