Corporate and Social Responsibility in the Supply Chain

CSR (now moving into TSI) in the Supply Chain has gained increasing attention in recent years. Topics such as ethical sourcing, sustainable production, performance evaluation and stakeholder interests have gripped organisations as they continue the battle for Total Societal Impact Supply Chain Management. 

In order to achieve TSI goals, organisations require complete transparency as well as completely visibility of every tier. 

Now, more than ever, utilising technology is key in order to gain the transparency and visibility needed to incorporate all of these actions. With Supply Chain Audits, Risk Management, Sustainability Management and Total Societal Impact required to create a holistic Supply Chain Management function for the future, a solution driven platform will be key.  

  • Set target
  • Measure your performance
  • Take actions
  • Easily include all suppliers and engage with suppliers
  • Benefit from curated standards like GRI, DJSI, SDG, DNK, SASB
  • Low implementation efforts/costs
  • Integrateable into customers IT
  • Easy and self-describing data collection process (low training for data collectors)
  • Identify hotspots (in your supply chain)
  • Visualize dependencies