Sustainability in the Supply Chain

More than ever before, organisations are facing increased demands for insight into their non-financial Supply Chain performance. CSR data is no longer just a compliance or financial issue, it has become a social issue where stakeholders, including the public, take an interest in an organisations Sustainability reports. 

We believe that a Green Supply Chain can not only reflect well on your organisation, but definitive research has also proven that creating a Green Supply Chain reduces general costs, increases productivity, fosters innovation, saves resources and increases competitive advantage. Beyond this, a Green Supply Chain can increase employees’ job satisfaction, promote customer loyalty and enhance your organisation’s reputation. 

CiDER provides you with unique graph technology that enhances your Sustainability journey, providing you with actionable insights and a detailed look into your entire organisation’s performance in a seamless and flexible way. 

CiDER ultimately supports organisations in their goal of achieving a Green Supply Chain by providing innovative tools to assure that environmental practices are applied in all tiers and phases of the process from procurement of raw material, to the delivery, to the consumer; such as purchasing, production, packaging, warehousing, distribution, assembly. 

The Value Seeking Approach: A New Era with CiDER

With CiDER’s powerful non-financial analytics capability, organisations can now systematically integrate their environmental policies into long-term business strategies. CiDER creates and fosters stronger relationships and better communication across multi-tier vendors and suppliers, encouraging them to integrate your environmental practices and policies into their own processes.